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Healthcare Management and Healthcare Administration Degrees
Online degree programs in healthcare management and healthcare administration from accredited universities and colleges.

Healthcare Management and Healthcare Administration

Medical and health services managers must be familiar with management principles and practices. A master's degree in health services administration, long-term care administration, health sciences, public health, public administration, or business administration is the standard credential for most generalist positions in this field. However, a bachelor's degree is adequate for some entry-level positions in smaller facilities, at the departmental level within health care organizations, and in health information management. Physicians' offices and some other facilities may substitute on-the-job experience for formal education.

Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow 17% during 2014-2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The enormous size of this industry ensures a large number of new jobs for the next several years.

According to the BLS, median annual earnings of wage and salary medical and health services managers was $94,500 in 2015.

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Salary and employment figures are based on a national median and may vary by location.

Online Schools - Healthcare Management and Administration Sponsored Listings
University of Southern California Online

Executive Master of Health Administration

The Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA) online program is designed to educate the next generation of leaders who can solve tomorrow's most pressing issues—from the environment to healthcare reform, immigration, infrastructure, urban development, and more. Individuals enter the program as students and prepare to graduate as change agents.

The EMHA program features a solution-driven curriculum focused on themes that directly relate to accountability and administration of health service organizations. The program is specifically and uniquely designed to address the academic and leadership imperatives that can enable highly talented midcareer healthcare professionals to excel as executives.

Southern New Hampshire University Online

Healthcare Administration
Master of Science

With SNHU's Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, you'll acquire the advanced healthcare education necessary to advance your skills and complement your experience within the complex healthcare administration field. Our MS in Healthcare Administration aligns to the most commonly known and supported industry credentialing models such as AUPHA, CAHME and HLA. By earning your MS in Healthcare Administration from SNHU, you will gain the key business and leadership skills required to advance your career. Southern New Hampshire University is an accredited by New England Schools and Colleges (NEASC), Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), ACBSP, among other accrediting bodies, and is a private-nonprofit university. No GMAT or GRE required. You can earn your degree in as few as 15 months, taking 2 courses per term over 5 terms per year.

Master of Science of Management

The MSM in Healthcare from Southern New Hampshire University will equip you with the people and project management skills needed to be flexible, responsive and resilient when faced with complex business challenges. In this 36-credit graduate program, you’ll gain critical knowledge integral to strategic decision-making and promotion of continuous, enterprise-wide healthcare quality improvement. Earning your MSM degree will position you as a confident, creative and graceful manager at a pivotal time in healthcare and other key industries. What’s more, you can complete your degree in as few as 15 months.

Kaplan University Online

Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program is designed to address the growing need for well-prepared, entry-level health care administrators. The objective of the program is to provide you with the foundation to work within the health care industry as well as prepare you to pursue entry-level supervisory roles in health care organizations.

The curriculum is designed to help you gain a strong foundation in the core disciplines of health care administration, including content knowledge and skills in the areas of administration and management, and understand important concepts and processes. Coursework teaches foundational knowledge and skills as well as overall concepts, values, research methods, and applications that could prepare you to pursue a leadership career in health administration in the public sector or private industry. The program is taught by faculty with real-world knowledge and experience and helps you develop expertise in core health areas.

Health Care Management
Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management program focuses on helping you build specialized leadership skills in a particular discipline and is designed to prepare you to pursue managerial and executive positions in a wide range of industries. From the start of the program, courses help you develop leadership knowledge and abilities that you can apply immediately to your work life and to help advance your career. Through relevant instruction and hands-on application, you may acquire skills and understanding in decision making and day-to-day managerial functions. The curriculum encourages you to identify real-life professional challenges by building a resume of case studies and projects, hypothesizing and testing solutions, and measuring results. You will examine current concepts and effective management and organizational strategies that impact today's global marketplace.

Master of Health Care Administration

The Master of Health Care Administration program could prepare you to pursue a variety of career opportunities within the health care industry. The program's curriculum is designed to satisfy your intellectual curiosity by building on your current knowledge and skills. In addition, you will study overall concepts, values, research methods, and applications that could assist you as you prepare for leadership positions in health care administration within local, state, or federal government or in private industry. Core curriculum topics include: health care administration; organizational development; leadership; health care finance and economics, law, and statistics; human resources; health care operations and quality assessment; health policy, ethics, and marketing; health information management; and community health assessment.

Courses teach you to apply principles of health care administration in order to develop administrative, ethical, and professional skills that may enable you to pursue leadership positions in the expanding field of health care administration. If you already hold a leadership position, you may use this degree to refine, apply, and improve managerial and leadership skills.

American University Online

Healthcare Management
Master of Science

American University's online Master of Science in Healthcare Management builds a unique skillset that is highly sought in health systems management organizations within the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Students develop multidisciplinary skills in professional leadership, evaluation science and information technology. The program equips learners to analyze the needs of healthcare organizations to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving and complex healthcare industry.

Grand Canyon University Online

Health Care Management
Master of Public Adminstration

The Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Health Care Management prepares students for careers in the public sector, specifically in the healthcare industry. The program is targeted at individuals who desire to have an impact in the area of healthcare delivery and management at the federal, state and local level.  The core coursework gives students the opportunity to apply administrative skills in the areas of economics, leadership, human capital development, and governance within the healthcare environment.  Emphasis courses will challenge students to identify and provide solutions for the unique issues facing the healthcare industry, such as healthcare ethics, healthcare delivery systems and healthcare economics.

Health Systems Management
Master of Business Administration

Grand Canyon University's Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Health Systems Management program provides students with the capacity for transformational leadership through the application of business practices. The program highlights the impact of the global economy on organizational decision making, planning, and sourcing of organizational resources. Students draw upon interpersonal skills to address each practice, as well as to comprehend the influence that diverse cultures have on it. The use of telecommunications, emerging technologies, and e-commerce applications combine with essential business principles that encompass finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and management, providing students with the capacity to lead and manage business enterprises both effectively and ethically. The program encourages students to be informed critical thinkers and decision makers through active research and the application of quantitative methods that transform raw data into useful information. The program prepares students to compete for critical leadership roles in current and future organizations through coursework that addresses leadership theory, problem solving, organizational leadership, self-leadership, and highly effective teams. The program prepares students for advanced management or senior administration positions in the health care industry through coursework that addresses the legal and ethical concerns in health care and health care policies and economics.

Health Care Management
Master of Science

The Master of Science in Health Care Administration (MSHCA) provides the skills and experience necessary to perform as middle- and upper-level managers in a variety of health care organizations, and to serve as innovative change agents and leaders of organizational improvement and adaptation within the health care industry. The MSHCA program emphasizes the conceptual, analytical, and application skills required to manage in contemporary health care organizations. Graduates prepare themselves for administrative positions in hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient facilities, physician offices, mental health agencies, insurance companies, public health agencies, and other types of health organizations.

Organizational Leadership / Health Care Administration
Doctor of Education

The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program develops the learner's ability to generate new knowledge and responsibly apply knowledge to achieve high-performing entities that allow organizational employees and followers to grow and develop to their full potential. Learners will study the major bodies of literature in leadership, reflect critically on existing theory, and identify appropriate applications of theory in education, business, and other organizational cultures. Learners will develop academic and organizational research expertise through the study of statistical and research methodologies. The program of study is consistent with Grand Canyon University's mission to develop learners who are global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible leaders. Graduates who earn the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration will advance the study of leadership within the field of health care with an in-depth, research-based approach to facilitate the leadership abilities and role as a strategic professional.

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