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American Sentinel University
Health Care Informatics Master
Nursing Informatics MSN

Brandeis University
Health & Medical Informatics MS

Chamberlain College of Nursing
Informatics MSN

Grand Canyon University
Health Care Informatics MS
Health Care Informatics MSN

Kaplan University
Health Informatics Master
Health Information Management Master
Nurse Informatics MSN

Southern New Hampshire University
Health Informatics BS
Health Informatics MBA
Health Informatics MSIT

University of Cincinnati
Health Informatics MS
Health Information Management BS

Walden University
Health Informatics MS

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  • Chief Information Officer
  • Clinical Database Specialist
  • Clinical Informaticist
  • Clinical Information Manager
  • Clinical Information Systems Coordinator
  • Clinical Systems Analyst
  • Director of Nursing Informatics
  • Health Informatician
  • Informatics Research Assistant
  • Informatics Researcher
  • Information Security Officer
  • IS Clinical Project Leader
  • IT Clinical Process Engineer
  • IT Training Director
  • Knowledge Management Analyst
  • Medical Database Administrator
  • Medical Informatics Director
  • Medical Informatics Program Designer
  • Medical Informatics Program Manager
  • Medical Information Systems Director
  • Nursing Analyst
  • Nursing Informatics Specialist
  • Pharmacy Systems Analyst
  • Public Health Informatics Specialist

Master of Health Informatics

Master of Health Information Management

Nurse Informatics
Master of Science in Nursing

Online Programs

Kaplan Commitment Program
3-Week Trial Tuition Free

Among Lowest Online Tuitions

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Health Informatics, Medical Informatics, Nursing Informatics
Your guide to health informatics careers, certification, and education.

Health Informatics Career Overview and Degrees

Hot Career Alert!
US News and World Report recently named Health Informatics & Health Information as the #4 among top new college majors for the future.

Prepare for One of the Largest Growth Industries

• The US Department of Labor estimates a 49% job growth in health information and health informatics
• Healthcare Informatics was named one of the top careers in
U.S. News & World Report

Approximately 70,000 health informatics specialists are needed in the next decade, according to Don Detmer, the CEO of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), the main professional body relating to health informatics in the U.S (2011).
• Health informatics is the #1 emerging industry job opportunity on CareerBuilder.com
• Electronic medical records tops ECRI's Top 7 Health Plan IT Trends to Watch

Why Did You Choose Health Informatics?

(Provided by AMIATV)

What is a Health Informatics Specialist?

Health Informatics Specialists are focused on how to use medical information most effectively. They enhance the development and assessment of tools used representing medical data, aiding medical decision making, defining medical language and classification systems, as well as computer aided learning and healthcare IT strategy. Health Informatics is an excellent field for technically savvy individuals who want to work in the healthcare industry, as well as current healthcare professionals. Many informatics specialists start as a healthcare practitioner but this is not necessary.

Health Informatics Education and Skills

Health Informatics Specialists hold certificates, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees. Each individual should understand his long term career goals and research the curriculum at each program level to determine the right pathway. For nursing professionals, there are specifically nursing informatics programs. Education in health informatics covers areas such as the core sciences, database management, information security, medical coding and classification, health information systems design and analysis, and health law. Health informatics courses can also include medical terminologies, so that you can confidently converse with clinical staff regarding the medical records you're keeping. Since medical informatics professionals often work in teams or are in management positions, some degree programs offer courses on project management and organizational behavior as well. Health informatics jobs require candidates who have a passion for customer service, love computers, are team builders and team players, are problem solvers and can work under stress.

Health Informatics Certification

Health Informatics does not currently have an industry accepted certification. However, AMIA is in working on development of a certification process. Nurses can pursue a nursing informatics certification that is awarded by ANCC.

Strong Salary Potential and Career Outlook in Health Informatics

CareerBuilder.com rates Health Informatics jobs as the No. 1 job opportunity in an emerging industry because of the recent federal legislation that has increased their demand. Aside from jobs that require a doctorate, these are, on average, some of the highest paying jobs in the medical world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, for example, the top 25% of students with a master's degree in Health Informatics make an average of $104,120 annually, while the top 10% make an average of $137,800 annually. The average salary for graduates in the United States is $88,750.

According to Indeed.com, Health Informatics Analysts earned on average $81,000 in 2008 with a salary range of $34,000 to over $110,000. Simplyhired.com shows latest average health informatics salary is $69,000, informatics specialist averages $76,000, and informatics analyst averages $55,000. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) released data from a 2010 salary survey. The average salary in the survey's sample of 2,218 healthcare IT professionals was $114,176. The median salary (that which falls in the middle of distribution) was $98,000. >> View HIMSS 2010 Salary Survey

Respected sources, such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US News and World Report, CareerBuilder.com and industry associations, site health informatics and health information as very high growth fields for employment. Using new sources of data mined from online job postings,
Burning Glass Technologies, a leader in labor market analytics, in partnership with the Education Advisory Board, a membership-based research company serving senior academic and business leaders at more than 450 colleges and universities, undertook the first-ever examination of emerging jobs in health informatics and the factors propelling recent job growth. Their study showed that health informatics job listing grew 36% from 2007 to 2011. They offer detailed insight into the growth of health informatics. >> Download BGT Report (pdf)

Sub-disciplines of Health Informatics include: Health Informatics job opportunities can be found in:
  • Bioinformatics
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Consumer Health Informatics
  • Population Health Informatics
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Clinical Research Informatics
  • Hospitals & other healthcare providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical software companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Public health organizations
  • Government/non-government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Academia

  • Health Informatics Career Options
    Average Salary*
    Chief Information Officer $122,000
    Chief Security Officer $105,000
    Informatics Researcher $76,000
    Medical Informatics Program Manager $70,000
    Medical Information Systems Director $76,000
    Clinical Database Specialist $54,000
    Clinical Systems Analyst $74,000
    Medical Informatics Program Designer $35,000
    * Salary figures are provided by Indeed.com

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    >> Read Interview with Informatics Nurse
    >> Audio: Health Informatics - Interview with Dr. Bill Hersh
    Online Schools offering Health Informatics, Medical Informatics, Nursing Informatics
    University of Cincinnati Online Editor's Choice

    University of Cincinnati's commitment to education excellence is recognized through numerous awards and top rankings, such as Top 200 National Universities, Top 100 Public Schools, and #3 Up-and-Coming Schools by U.S. News & World Report.

    Health Informatics
    Master of Science

    Based on CAHIIM Guidelines
    Earn in As Little As One Year

    University of Cincinnati’s online Master of Science in Health Informatics program was designed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals in academia and practice to prepare active health, health care, and information systems professionals with the practical and leadership skills necessary for leadership opportunities at the forefront of health informatics. Designed from the ground up, the online program specifically addresses the areas of health informatics for which employers and organizations are hiring. Students will examine the diverse health and health care landscape and discover how technology is incorporated throughout the industry. Following CAHIIM (Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education) guidelines, the curriculum also focuses on health data analytics, clinical information systems, privacy and security, database design, standards, process and workflow, project management, communication, leadership, and strategic planning.

    Health Information Management
    Bachelor of Science

    This CAHIIM accredited program provides a unique path for RHITs to obtain their BS in HIM in just 2 ¼ years. This program has been tailor-made for working RHITs who don't want to be bogged down with countless electives in their efforts to obtain a Bachelor's degree. The accelerated curriculum-made possible by an advanced network of support-prepares students to truly excel in the field. This RHIT progression program builds on the knowledge and skills acquired through prior education and work experience. Graduates of this program are equipped with the knowledge to take AHIMA's RHIA certification exam.

    Courses are scheduled in two five-week periods per term to allow learners to focus their studies on one course at a time. This pace allows learners to successfully complete the Bachelor's degree in HIM in only 9 quarters (2 ¼ years).

    Kaplan University Online

    Kaplan University's Commitment Program: Experience Kaplan University for a 3-week introductory period with no tuition obligation. Available to new students, online or on campus.*

    Master of Health Informatics

    Kaplan University's interdisciplinary Master of Health Informatics helps prepare you to utilize information technology and information management concepts to improve the efficiency and quality of health care services. The comprehensive curriculum focuses on the relationship between information technology, people, health, and health care systems. Coursework will cover areas such as leadership in health care, epidemiology, health care data analysis, and health information systems.

    Master of Health Information Management

    Designed to Prepare You for Senior Level HIM Careers

    Kaplan University's interdisciplinary Master of Health Information Management program helps prepare you to pursue positions in technology-supported and information-driven health care environments. The curriculum focuses on design, selection, implementation, and support and maintenance of global health information systems. Coursework will cover areas including organizational development and management for health information, human resources for health care managers, health care financial management, and leadership in health care.

    Nurse Informatics
    Master of Science in Nursing

    CCNE Accredited
    Qualify for ANCC's Informatics Nursing Certification
    Includes 200 Hrs Supervised Practicum in Informatics
    Among the Lowest Tuitions Online

    Kaplan University's Master of Science in Nursing allows you to study online and earn the credentials to pursue career advancement in administrative, faculty, or staff development roles. The informatics specialization is designed to prepare nurses to meet the clinical, educational, research, and administrative challenges associated with working in a technology-rich environment. This specialization focuses on content and the representation of data and information, and incorporates computer, information literacy, and management competencies. The graduate may be prepared to use technology and information systems to advance evidence-based research and to pursue informatics leadership roles in health care, industry, and education settings. In addition, the graduate may be eligible to sit for the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Informatics Nursing certification examination.

    Kaplan University also offers:
    Walden University Online

    Health Informatics
    Master of Science

    The M.S. in Health Informatics program is designed for current and aspiring informatics professionals. The program facilitates the development and advancement of e-health initiatives and other emerging information technologies to improve healthcare quality.

    Healthcare Informatics
    Master of Information Systems Management

    Walden's Health Informatics specialization allows technical professionals and those with an interest in a technical career to strengthen their data management skills and learn to apply them in the healthcare industry. The Health Informatics curriculum reflects the most current healthcare practices.

    Walden University also offers:
    American Sentinel University Online

    American Sentinel is a proud supporter of our military personnel, which comprise of one-quarter of enrollment. American Sentinel offers high quality accredited education and outstanding student support for less than most other online universities.

    Master of Health Care Informatics

    Learn Both Health-Specific Informatics & Information Systems Analytics
    Flexibility: Choose your Courses

    American Sentinel's online health informatics degree, the Master of Health Care Informatics (MHCI), offers just that: a degree designed to provide skills in gathering, analyzing and presenting health care data to support clinical, administrative or quality decision-making needs and to meet operational, legislative and regulatory requirements associated with health care.

    Nursing Informatics
    Master of Science in Nursing

    CCNE Accredited
    Qualify for ANCC's Informatics Nursing Certification
    Fulfill Education Criteria
    Among Lowest Tuitions Online

    The CCNE accredited Nursing Informatics MSN degree is for experienced nurses who want to manage health information systems critical to the mission of health care delivery systems. Nurses will develop expertise in clinical and administrative systems, data management and data mining for improved patient care, and information systems project management. The nursing informatics specialization is also available in the RN-MSN bridge program.

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Online

    Chamberlain College of Nursing is proud of over 120 years of excellence in nursing education. CCN is ranked among the Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs by U.S. News & World Report.

    Distinguished faculty includes professionals who hold doctoral degrees. These instructors include published author of informatics articles, a senior informatics policy maker who led efforts to recognize nursing informatics as a distinct specialty, and co-founder of the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI).

    Informatics Specialization
    Master of Science in Nursing

    CCNE Accredited
    Qualify for ANCC's Informatics Nursing Certification
    Includes 200 Hrs Supervised Practicum in Informatics

    The CCNE accredited Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is designed to prepare nurses for expanding roles in healthcare and enhance opportunities for professional advancement. The MSN curriculum provides core courses in nursing theory, research, leadership, professional role development, and informatics in healthcare. The MSN Informatics Specialty Track focuses on management of data and information, and healthcare information workflow and project management. The informatics specialization is designed to help you prepare for the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Informatics Nursing certification exam. By including 200 hours of faculty supervised practicum, this program is an excellent option for nurses without informatics work experience. Graduates of this MSN program will fulfill ANCC's practice hour requirement for the Informatics Nursing Certification.

    Brandeis University Online

    Devoted to academic excellence since 1948, Brandeis has been ranked among the top 35 national universities by U.S. News & World Report every year since its inception. Brandeis is proud to be ranked #32 among the Best National Universities in the U.S. for 2014.

    Health and Medical Informatics
    Master of Science

    The Health and Medical Informatics MS degree program addresses the growing need for professionals who need to possess both analytical skills and business acumen with the goal of improving health care delivery systems through information technology. The goal of this program is to prepare professionals with a practical and broad understanding of how information technology is used in the modern healthcare environment for both clinical and administrative matters. Students will gain the skills needed to integrate advanced digital technologies into the field of healthcare. Program graduates can work with users of health and medical information and those who design and maintain computer systems and networks to support the improvement of quality, safety, cost effectiveness and access to health care.

    Grand Canyon University Online

    Nursing: Health Care Informatics
    Master of Science in Nursing

    CCNE Accredited
    Qualify for ANCC's Informatics Nursing Certification
    Fulfill Education Criteria
    Among Lowest Online Tuitions

    The Health Care Informatics MSN program is well suited for nurses who have prior informatics experience or want to pursue leadership or educational roles. This program will fulfill education requirements toward eligibility for ANCC's Informatics Nurse Certification. Graduates of the Master of Science in Nursing: Health Care Informatics program may perform a variety of functions for the organization, such as automating clinical care, building new operational data systems, training health care workers in the use of computer systems, collecting and analyzing data to improve patient care, etc. Depending on their areas of strength and focus, graduates may serve as project managers, project designers, researchers, systems analysts, or administrators and executives at all levels of the organization.

    Grand Canyon University also offers:
    Southern New Hampshire University Online

    Health Informatics
    Master of Science in Information Technology

    The MS in IT with a Healthcare Informatics concentration provides specialized knowledge and skills in medical informatics. The Healthcare Informatics Concentration reviews how the healthcare industry uses information systems - electronic medical records and laboratory and radiology systems - to provide access to medical information and improve patient care. Course work includes case studies and research that explore the successful use and management of health information technology. The IT health informatics master's program delves into strategies for implementing healthcare informatics technologies and actual IT project management in a healthcare setting.

    Health Informatics
    Master of Business Administration

    The MBA in Healthcare Informatics builds on your experience in healthcare or information technology to help you prepare to lead the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of health information systems. In this MBA program, you will understand how healthcare systems and data interact with individuals and complementary systems across multiple departments and organizations.

    Southern New Hampshire University also offers:
    You may also be interested in Health Information Management >> click to see programs

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